Tupac Shakur- “Do People Still Give a Shit?”

I hate to admit it, but on a day such as this, my brain wants to think of the Drake line: “I never cried when Pac died/ But I probably will when Hov does.”

Frankly, I can relate. It’s true. I was a second grader when Tupac Shakur was shot, and didn’t have the experience or connection with him or his music to cry. In fact, I don’t even remember it. It wasn’t until later that I wrapped my head around his relevance and developed a love for his art. And it’s also true that the day Jay leaves us, I will indeed pour some out and shed a tear.

But on today’s date, September 13th 2010, the fourteen year anniversary of Pac’s death, he deserves to be remembered, acknowledged, and above all respected.

Check this interesting article regarding how we should or shouldn’t do that, or whether we’re doing it at all.

And check this interesting piece, regarding the possibility of even MORE new Tupac music in a documentary supposedly dropping January, 26, 2011. Where do they keep this vault of hidden and unreleased material on him? I don’t care as long as it keeps coming and the hidden stores never run out…

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