Lupe Fiasco to Appear on The O’Reilly Factor Tonight [VIDEO]

Lupe Fiasco is set to face off with Bill O’Reilly tonight on Fox News…

After being targeted by Bill O’Reilly last week for his controversial statements about President Barack Obama, Lupe Fiasco will be appearing on the Fox News pundit’s TV series, The O’Reilly Factor, tonight (June 20) to defend his comments.

As previously reported, O’Reilly took issue with an interview Fiasco had with CBS earlier this month, where he referred to Obama as “a terrorist.” Upset by Lupe’s sentiments, O’Reilly labeled the Chicago rapper “a pinhead” during a segment on his TV show last Tuesday (June 14).

Since then, Lupe has agreed to appear on the show, which will air tonight on Fox News at 8 p.m. EST and 11 p.m. Central. [Watch a preview of the episode above.] —Elan Mancini

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