Sage Francis’ Godcast II: The Bright Side of Witch Burning

Inspired by the recent verdict in the Casey Anthony trial and the &#8220witch burnings&#8221 at the moment likely on in Kenya, Sage Francis releases the 2nd installment of his Godcast podcast sequence. A assortment of audio, sprinkled with exclusive mixes and religious dialogue mash-ups, that Sage hand picked for your listening enjoyment.

Yesterday a modern day day witch, Casey Anthony, was located innocent of murdering her two-12 months-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. The “not guilty” verdict resulted in a public outcry, reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson trial back in 1995, as people chastised the jury’s determination and collectively expressed their terminal cynicism towards the US judicial method. All of this taking place just One day after the 4th of July, a day in which genuine-blue American’s celebrated their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain by shooting bottle rockets at one particular another’s faces. Fore-shame, The usa! FORE…SHAME!

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In accordance to every little thing I’ve been taught about our justice program, a individual is to be deemed innocent till established responsible. Well…not just guilty, but “guilty past affordable doubt.” The State does not have the right to convict anyone, allow on your own eliminate them, just simply because well-liked impression screams for it. Refer to the Salem Witch Trials if you want to see how a program of that sort can go horribly awry. Admittedly, our latest justice technique fails us from time to time, and in severe cases it actually puts innocent folks to death. It’s sort of embarrassing becoming the only western nation that nevertheless implements the death penalty, especially considering that latest developments in forensics science has confirmed that innocent individuals have been killed in the title of “justice.” By my requirements, that is a a lot worse scenario than the chance of setting a responsible man or woman free. In the scenario of Casey Anthony, it is really probable that she has virtually gotten away with murder, but if that’s true then it is not a fault of America’s judicial program. It is a fault of the prosecutors who had been not able to demonstrate guilt over and above reasonable doubt.

I am happy to see that some semblance of justice even now exists in our court program a system that need to not ever be swayed by appeals to emotion. I am not glad that a likely murderer has been allow off the hook (not that I really think she is off the hook,) but at least an critical principle has been upheld. Indeed, it is accurate that the prosecutors proved past affordable question that Caylee is a horrible mother and an all round disgusting particular person ***impression opinion opinion***, but homicide was never established. They really fudged up, guys.

The Casey Anthony verdict happened on the heals of real “witch burnings” that are presently taking spot in the African region of Kenya. In spite of mainstream media’s absence of coverage of this story, I feel it is important to deliver it to your attention and draw the connections among the two. These horrific executions had been the impetus to my new Godcast combine even before the Anthony trial entered my consciousness. Even though caught in a YouTube trap, I stumbled on a witch burning video clip which reminded me that human lives are nonetheless senselessly extinguished in the identify of God(s.) I wish I hadn’t witnessed that video, and I do not dare share it with you now, but if you’re curious about the specifics of what’s happening then a straightforward google research will bear a lot of final results.

The gist of the story is that “Christians” in Kenya are hunting down women who are suspected of training witchcraft. Many thanks to the electricity and impact of superstition, these girls are targeted, rounded up, beaten into submission, positioned into a pile of brush and then set aflame. Public opinion (i.e. “common sense”) along with fear of the mysterious are used as justifications for these grotesque public executions. If you know about American heritage at all, then I really don’t have to explain to you that our hands are not thoroughly clean in regard to this sort of thing. “Been there…done that.”

The witch burnings in Kenya have strengthened my conviction that our judicial system completely did NOT fall short in regard to Casey Anthony’s trial. If she is responsible of her alleged crime, then, I repeat, it is the prosecutors who failed in proving so. Sure, Nancy Grace might have been left with blue balls following soaking her stakes in gasoline for the previous two months, and someplace in Florida votes are even now being counted, but I’m proud of the simple fact that 12 jurors manufactured a decision dependent on the proof that was furnished to them instead than acting on public opinion or their feeeeeeeelings. If you’re a spiritual individual who is bent out of shape about the end result of this specific trial, then I recommend that you search on the vivid side: If Casey Anthony is responsible then (as you recognize it) she will ultimately be judged by the highest authority. Which means…(as you realize it)…she’ll burn in hell for all of eternity. Eeeek! Severely, all you’re left to do now is present some compassion.

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