Eminem Interviews Yelawolf On Twitter

With Yelawolf’s Shady records debut, Radioactive, hitting stores today, Em and Yela had some fun on twitter as Slim interviewed Catfish Billy.

Check out their Q&A below:

Eminem: Where you at celebrating the release of #radioactive? U are a true fan. How’s it feel to finally have #radioactive out there?
Yelawolf: Sup cracker d-ck?… I’m in a JackDaniels bottle homie… Watchin 8mile again… sh-ts crazy… it really happened.

Eminem: ok white dawg. So when did you start recording #Radioactive?
Yelawolf: In Vegas about 10 months ago, in January. Then I played it for you later that month. We had about 12 keepers.

Eminem: Sure did. What song from #Radioactive is your favorite?
Yelawolf: Today, its “hardest love song”. I played it live with a band rehearsing for the Jimmy Kimmel show… sounded saucy.

Eminem: Really? Why is that your favorite?
Yelawolf: Well it varies from day to day, yesterday I was on “Gutter” all day… It was raining and I was on some dark sh-t.

Eminem: Who or what inspired you the most while recording #Radioactive?
Yelawolf: Man… I just used the people around me… every one who was involved… and of course life experience.

Eminem: Why did you call it #radioactive?
Yelawolf: Its the fall out to my journey so far. The #Radioactive material that came after the war. The uphill battle to get here……My science experiment gone right.

Eminem: Now they said to ask some stupid ones. Batman or Superman?
Yelawolf:If I had to pick, Batman. But my uncle Critter could kick both their ass in a single bound & shot gun a beer at the speed of light. BAMA!

Eminem: R u going to the mall later?
Yelawolf: Why?… You need some new air max ? hahahaa Honky Kong !!

Eminem: If u could play #radioactive for any person in the world, who would it be?
Yelawolf: That b-tch ass motherf-cker who threw my demo at my feet from his car window in 05… I was holding my 1 year old son……now my son is 7 and he’s got anything he wants. Thank you Marshall.

Eminem: Ok @yelawolf I’m out! #radioactive.

Yelawolf’s Radioactive  available for purchase on iTunes now.

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