Wiz Khalifa Talks “ONIFC,” Amber Rose, Chief Keef + More

Earlier today, chopped it up with WGCI’s Morning Riot and the Pittsburgh rapper spoke on his new album, Amber Rose, Chicago’s highly sought after artist Cheif Keef and more.

Wiz on O.N.I.F.C:

“I just wanted to let people know and give people insight on my journey through becoming a businessman and in life. It’s taken me a lot of different places that people didn’t expect me to go.”

Engagement to Amber Rose:

“I just did what guys do. You walk in there like an idiot and you walk out of there with something life-changing.”

On (sn: if you haven’t heard about , check out his hit single, “I Dont Like” here which has Keef involved in a major label bidding war as I type this. Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music will remix the track for this weeks G.O.O.D. Friday release. :

“I would hope so,” he said of a future collaboration. “But I like to do everything organically. I’m such a huge fan that I don’t really want to spoil that. I really enjoy listening to his music…I want him to keep that up and I don’t want to spoil that…Anybody who is reaching out now is because they see what it could do for them. But, I really want to see dude make some money and be on the same level with him and us be able to get down like that, not more or less me sonning him and bringing him along with me because he’s got his own thing crackin’.”

Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s interview with Chicago’s WGCI Morning Riot below:

S/O to FSD for the audio.


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