Gucci Mane – First Day Out The Feds


What, did you think the guy who released more music over the span of two years than your Top 5 favorite rappers from prison wasn’t going to hit us with something new on his first day out? Gucci Mane, having come back to a ‘Bach and immediately hitting the studio, drops “First Day Out The Feds,” produced by Mike WiLL Made-It.

Listen below.

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Nah Right

The 10 Designers You Need to Know from NYCxDESIGN

NYCxDESIGN, the city’s two week long celebration of all things design, brought the best creatives in the business to New York for the past two weeks. Now in its fourth year, New York’s Design Week brought designers, curators and media insiders together for two weeks of busy commercial fairs, major museum exhibitions—the works of Isaac Mizrahi and Japanese architects SANAA among them—and of course, plenty of parties.

After combing through fairs, pop-ups stands and galleries, we’ve rounded up our favorite up-and-coming designers who showcased their talents in New York last week. These creatives each demonstrate an affinity for rethinking the objects we use every day, from living room chairs to flower vases. They make use of unexpected materials, original forms and even add a sense of humor to encourage us to stop and pay a bit more attention to our surrounding environment. Keep an eye out for these top design talents:

Alex Proba

Originally from Germany and now based in New York, Alex Proba is the gifted designer behind #aposteraday, an initiative that has earned her over 13,000 followers on Instagram that she began while working as an art director. She’s now Design Director at the eponymous Mother New York agency, and her poster creations range from graphic patterns to color blocks and abstract forms. In each work, she explores new materials and a sense of humor to draw the viewer in.

As she expands her design practice at Studio Proba—she debuted a minimalist fountain made of powder-coated aluminum at Site Unseen OFFSITE—we look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

Jean Pascal Gauthier

Montreal-based designer Jean Pascal Gauthier designs elegant lighting that combines weightless, minimalist forms inspired by Alexander Calder and Pierre Guariche. Each work combines small plants and lights, carefully placed to highlight the graceful geometry of each work.


Based in Buenos Aires, RIES was founded by Marcos Altgelt, Segundo Denegri and Tasio Picollo. Coming from the worlds of architecture and industrial design, their sleek, minimalist aesthetic and sense of precision makes their work stand out. At this year’s Site Unseen fair, they displayed their new hexagonal structures as well as furniture filled with plants.

Fernando Mastrangelo

Fernando Mastrangelo creates sculptural pieces that blur the line between artwork and design object. Using unconventional materials such as salt, coffee, sang, glass and cement, the talented designer creates works that are both rough and refined; a hybrid of textures, styles and materials all in one. His booth at this year’s Collective Design Fair was a breath of fresh air, proving to observers that furniture design and sculpture are not mutually exclusive, and a combination of the two make the work much stronger.

Germans Ermics

The Latvian-born, Amsterdam-based designer has impressed observers at design fairs all over the globe, and NYCxDESIGN was no exception. His process is relatively simple: Ermics adds color gradient to glass and mirror to give an ‘ombre’ effect, then arranges the objects in a appealing composition. The beautiful visual effect of gradually fading colors and textures draws the viewer in.

Aleksandra Pollner

Originally from Poland, US-based designers Aleksandra Pollner debuted her furniture collection at Sight Unseen OFFSITE. Using reflective materials such as copper and brass, Pollner melds together contrasting shapes and materials that bring our attention to the relationship—or tension—between intersecting forms. Her ever-evolving style and interests continue to impress.

Saint Karen

Web developer by day, ceramicist by night, emerging design talent Saint Karen successfully unites her interests in technology and the arts with her new collection sculpture and objects. Drawing on her technical skills in creating data structures and algorithms, she used mapping visualizations to create the forms that eventually became ceramic objects.

Her unique ability to combine mathematics with aesthetics results in beautiful, unique designs, and her creative process is as fascinating as the end result.

Fort Standard

Brooklyn based design-duo Fort Standard, composed of Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, are using traditional materials like wood, stone and leather in new ways. Their large wardrobe made of soapstone is surprisingly thin and light, as is their lightweight wooden chair. Fort Standard’s experimental approach to these simple, functional objects makes them feel new again.

Evan Fay

Evan Fay’s gorgeous Vine Chair combines a rigid, black steel grid structure with knotted scuba knit fabric as a built-in cushion. The object is a hybrid of contrasting styles, materials, and textures that draws the viewer in immediately. Fay’s bold, contemporary aesthetic will resonate with many design lovers and critics.

All Roads Design

The Los Angeles-based studio All Roads Design, established by textile designer Janelle Pietrzak, debuted beautiful abstract wall hangings at Site Unseen OFFSITE. She creates abstract fields of color that remind the viewer of the painters of the ’60s, only she uses wool, rope and hemp to create her pieces.

The contrasting patterns and textures creates a strong visual statement, and the softness of the material invites onlookers to reach out and touch the works. Part tapestry, part painting and part cozy blanket, Pietrzak’s work constitutes its own artistic genre.

For more design content, check out this slick range of sustainably designed furniture.


KITH and Garrett Leight Join Forces for Four Kinney Sunglasses

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As part of KITH’s upcoming Summer 2016 collection, the New York label has teamed up with eyewear specialists Garrett Leight for a new sunglass collaboration. Together, they offer their interpretation of the Kinney silhouette in four colorways.

Each style features a matte acetate frame and an Italian mineral glass mirrored lens. Additional details include gold Kith branding on the inside of the left arm, custom packaging, a co-branded case and cleaning cloth.

The KITH x Garrett Leight Kinney sunglasses will be released tomorrow at KITH Manhattan, KITH Brooklyn and at 11 a.m. EST. 


The COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker Looks as Good as It Sounds

Industrial designer Jay Kim has come up with a truly unique clock speaker inspired by the countless number of stars in the sky. Unfortunately, not all of us get to take advantage of the beauty of such constellations, due to living in suburban areas with a slew of large buildings and manmade lights.

That’s where the COSMOS Clock Speaker comes into play. The device creates a romantic and sentimental atmosphere with glittering stars and music, all inside your home.

The gadget features an LED strip that equally distributes lights to minute and hour disks, allowing light to travel through the acrylic disks and engraved dots (stars). A steel mesh cover in turn gives the stars a glittering effect.

Ultimately, the movement of the stars represents time, while the music can adhere to any mood. And while there are two stars that tell time on the COSMOS Clock Speaker, it also boasts a full map of the Northern Hemisphere Constellation.

COMSOS is also compatible with iPhone and Android, making it capable of playing music via Bluetooth connectivity.

Look for the COMSOS Clock Speaker to be coming soon via Kickstarter.


Manufacturers Confirm That Apple Will Be Making iPhones With Glass Cases

Last month rumors started swirling that Apple was planning on producing an all-glass iPhone in the future. Now, Allen Horng, chairman and chief executive of Catcher Technology, Apple’s long-time manufacturing partner, has confirmed that the tech mega-brand will be making its 2017 iPhone using glass casing.

Horng also explained that, as far as he knows, only one iPhone model will be using the glass cases, and we imagine that model will be either the rumored iPhone Pro or iPhone 8 Plus. Forbes reports that future iPhones are set to also feature OLED technology and so-called “edgeless” displays to eliminate the top and bottom “chin and forehead” bezels, much like many of its smartphone rivals.

Horng added that the move would prove expensive and would necessitate some “advanced processing technology” in order for the brand to pull it off, and that the glass would need to be reinforced by a metal frame.

Stay tuned for further announcements on forthcoming Apple tech. For more from the Cupertino leviathan, find out what its new MacBook pros will be like.